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1188 Brewing Company - John Day, OR

Box Canyon - Pale Ale - 6% ABV
Slightly crisp mouth feel, malty in the middle and finishes with a hint of Cascade and crystal hop goodness - a great easy drinker.

Meet-the-Brewer on Friday 7pm

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(541) 575-1188
141 E Main St, John Day, Oregon

Grant County's first modern day brewery, we are nestled in the city of John Day, Oregon surrounded by beautiful mountains, rivers, and ranchlands.

13 Virtues Brewing - Portland, OR

Hoptimal Results Imperial - IPA - 9.5% ABV - 100 IBUs
Don't let that light amber color fool you - this beer packs a wallop on all fronts. Premium 2-row, Vienna, wheat, crystal and dextrin malts pop the starting gravity up near triple digits, then the American ale yeast ferments it out to over 9% alcohol. Blends of Centennial, Columbus, Crystal, Cluster, Caliente, Cascade and Calypso hops were added multiple times during the boil to provide balancing bitterness and flavor, and twice during fermentation for a lip-smacking finish. Get a driver if you indulge in this one.

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(503) 239-8544
6410 SE Milwaukie Ave Portland, OR

13 Virtues is named in reference to Benjamin Franklin's system of self-improvement, or 13 virtues to live by. We are inspired by Franklin's ability to balance virtue, vice, wisdom and fun - and we hope you'll be, too.

Acadian Organics - Carson, WA

Saison - NW style IPA - 7% ABV - 60 IBU
IPA - Farmhouse style Pale with oats & wheat - 5% ABV - 30 IBU

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(509) 427-4297
342 Carson Creek Rd, Carson, WA 98610

We are a small family farm located in Carson, Washington. We grow organic vegetables, brew farmhouse ales and organically raise chickens for delicious eggs.

Hours: Thurs & Fridays from 4-8 PM and Saturdays from 2-8 PM

Ambacht Brewing - Hillsboro, OR

Ginger Farmhouse Ale - Farmhouse Ale - 6.5% ABV - 15 IBUs
Ambacht Ginger Farmhouse Ale is a Belgian Specialty Ale - it is definitely not an IPA. Based on our popular Golden Farmhouse Ale: Ambacht Ginger Farmhouse Ale is made with all organic malts, organic hops, and keg-conditioned with local honey. Ambacht Ginger Farmhouse Ale is infused with organic ginger root to give it a clean ginger taste. Very Ginger; A beer for those who love ginger;
Ginger: You have been warned.

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(503) 828-1400
1060 NE 25th Ave, Suite B, Hillsboro, OR 97124

Ambacht Ales are unique, even here in the Pacific Northwest where brewing is an art. Our handcrafted ales are Belgian inspired and influenced by the bounty of our region. Ambacht ales are made using local, organically grown ingredients. Our flavors are balanced, not too hoppy or sweet, brewed with Willamette Valley grown hops. Ambacht ales are mashed at a low temperature, giving them a refreshing dryness, and have a clean, toasty flavor from our organic malts. All of our ales are naturally carbonated by bottle conditioning with Pacific Northwest honey, which gives them a sweet finish. But perhaps the most important ingredient in our ales is time: it takes about three months from brew day until our ales are ready for you to enjoy!

Barnstormer Brewing Co. - Carson, WA

Base Turn - Biere de Garde - 6.3% ABV - 35 IBU
Red Baron - Blonde Ale - 5.1% ABV - 24 IBU
Red Baron is a Blonde Ale with pie cherry after tones.

Meet-the-Brewer on Saturday 6pm

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(509) 427-9589
882 Hot Springs Ave, Carson, WA 98610

Locally crafted beers...brewed by a girl.

Craft brews and fresh veggies, herbs and eggs. Stop by to taste what will be offered in our new brew house and cast your vote for your favorite! Don't forget to see what is ripe and fresh off our vines and stock up on eggs before you head out.

Beerded Brothers Brewing - Vancouver, WA

Beerded Westie Weizen - German Weizen - 6.5% ABV - 12 IBUs
This is a West Highland and Beerded Brothers collaboration brew of a traditional German Weizen! We have worked together on something PERFECT for the hot weather we have. The Beerded Westie Weizen is a light beer weighing in at 12 IBUs and 6.5% ABV.

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(360) 281-6759
15005 NE 26th Street, Vancouver, WA 98684

Beerded Brothers Brewing Company is started by two step-brothers, Gabriel Pedersen and Max Scudder.

Gabriel Pedersen, Owner, was raised in Vancouver, WA. After attending Evergreen High School, Gabriel attended the University of Washington, where he studied English Literature. After working for Microsoft for the past 5 years, Gabriel decided to help his brother Max launch their brewery. As the “business-side” of the brewery, Gabriel is excited to help build Vancouver's growing brewery scene along with Mt. Tabor Brewing Company, Lootwit Brewing Company and Salmon Bay Brewing Company.

An avid Ultimate Frisbee player, Gabriel still finds time to travel up and down the west coast as the coach of the University of Washington Ultimate Frisbee team. After 13 years playing and coaching, Gabriel still finds the flight of the disc to be one of the most mesmerising aspects of Ultimate Frisbee.

Max Scudder, Head Brewer, was raised in St. Helens, OR and moved to Vancouver, WA in 2003. After graduating from Evergreen High School in 2007, Max started homebrewing at the age of 21. With his friends help, Max has turned into a very accomplished brewer, winning two Blue Ribbons at the 2008 Clark County Fair homebrewer's competition. Max's recipes are the backbone that has helped launch Beerded Brothers Brewing.

Max's recipes try to keep one prinicple in mind; brew simple beers that everyone enjoys! Max likes to use agave syrup, orange peel, and other fruits in his recipes.

Boring Brewing - Boring, OR

OPA (Oatmeal Pale Ale) - Pale Ale - 5.7% ABV - 45 IBU
Classic Pale Ale with addition 15% flaked oats that contribute to a silkier mouth feel over traditional pale ales. Hopped with Falconer Flight 7c's and Cascade.
You will need to place order with General Distributing for this beer.

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(503) 793-1382
13503 SE Richey Road, Boring, OR 97009

My journey to Boring Brewing started 24 years ago when I began my ventures in Homebrewing. I read everything related to brewing I could get my hands on. Some would say I was obsessed. I always wanted to open a brewpub or brewery but it was always a dream for me. The stars seemed to align this last year and it looked like it was possible to open a brewery in a accessory building on my property. After jumping through mounds of paperwork, I finally became licensed to brew beer on a commercial level. This is where I bring you Boring Brewing - a Nano Brewery that is focused on quality. Our beers spend the correct amount of time in the fermenter followed by a cold age in a bright beer tank where optimal carbonation and flavor is obtained prior to making it to your pint glass. Look for our beers at the best establishments

Bridge 99 Brewery - Bend, OR

Wizard Falls - IPA - 7.1% ABV, 111 IBU, 6.9 L SRM
Named for the local Wizard Falls fish hatchery on the Metolius River down stream from forest service Bridge 99. Our IPA is a medium gold color with large amounts of hops added at several stages to the brew process. The resulting beer has a mellow citrus hop flavor and enticing aroma with no bitter aftertaste.

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(541) 280-1690
61123 Tapadera St, Bend, OR 97702

Bridge 99 Brewery is a small batch craft nano brewery that is soon to launch in Bend Oregon.

Bunsenbrewer - Sandy, OR

Fahrenheit - Habanero Belgian Red - 8.5% ABV
A rounded Belgian red, starting with malty sweetness, and a creeping habanero heat.

Meet-the-Brewer on Saturday 12pm

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(503) 308-3150
16506 SE 362nd Dr, Sandy, OR 97055

Bunsenbrewer is a Fermenation Laboratory (aka brewery) in Sandy.

Bushwhacker Cider - Portland, OR

Bushwhacker Mentha - Mint infused cider - 5.8% ABV
Using mint from the cider maker's garden, infused into our single varietal granny smith cider, "Alice".

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(503) 445-0577
1212-D SE Powell, Portland OR 97202

Bushwhacker Cider is the United States' first Cider Pub. We opened in September 2010 in the Brooklyn neighborhood of inner SE Portland. In addition to the rotating guest ciders available on tap and by the bottle, we produce our own small batches of cider on location. We carry our house ciders based on availability, plus guest cider taps and bottles. Bottles are available for consumption in house with no corkage fee, or to go.

Chetco Brewing Company - Brookings, OR

Unite Pink Pale - Pale Ale - 4.1% ABV - 18 IBU
Eminently drinkable pale, with the faintest hint of raspberry, in the aroma and finish. This was a Collaboration Brew in honor of International Women's Day and to benefit Pink Boots Society.
Summer Salmon - IPA - 5.5% ABV - 67 IBU
Another of Mike's successful foray's into single hop IPA's, this golden hued ale is infused with hints of ruby-red grapefruit with a pineapple nose, all from Chinook hops.

Meet-the-Brewer on Sunday 2pm

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(541) 661-5347
U.S. 101, Brookings, OR 97415


When we first came to Oregon, we were intrigued by all of the interesting, hoppy beers available- beer selection out here was a far cry from what was available in Minneapolis and Southern California, although the Brookings selection back then was pretty thin.

My first brew was a kit, a gift from my wife. Pouring malt extract and a couple hop pellets into boiling water on the stove didn't really cut it for me. My next brew was all grain and within 3 weeks, I had ordered hop rhizomes so I could grow my own. Even then thinking how much fun it would be having a brewery.

I'd been toying with the idea of opening Chetco Brewing Company for about 3 years, but the timing never seemed right. Finally we registered our company in late 2011.

During this time my wife's family suffered a tragedy, then her mother took ill- we got sidetracked into different concerns. We started adding on to the house in preparation for family member(s) to move in. The financial down turn took a little wind out of both of our sails too. I have a massage business, my wife a real estate career, financially things slowed down for both of us.

About two years ago on old friend of ours from down south passed away. Grace. She had been making plans to move to Brookings and to retire here, she loved the photos and stories we sent about the gorgeous trails and beautiful beaches.

Unbenownst to us, she left us some money in her will. When we found out we were shocked- and thought- "this is it, let's take this money and start Chetco Brewing Co." Well, that was about three weeks before our four legged family member, Hazel, was diagnosed with Lymphoma. Dr. John Jacobsen at Town & Country, and Dr. Krystal Claybrook of OSU both felt she was a good candidate for chemotherapy, and if we were all up for it, she could enjoy a good quality of life and a few more years. There wasn't much hesitation on our part, we went for the chemo- we don't regret it either. We had the best summer ever, the four of us, and we couldn't have done it any other way, but reality is, it took the brewery money and set the plans back again.

So when Hazel died this fall, we refocused on finishing the licensing process- life is what happens while you are planning something else, right? So there's no sense in trying to 'time' it right. Either do it or don't.

We are still grateful to Grace for her gift, because it really for the first time allowed us to envision that we could do it. It wouldn't take too much and we saw that it could happen, so even though most of her money had been spent on other things, in her honor, our brew kettle will always be named "Grace". This way we can hang out with Grace all the time.

Now? The economy is picking back up, Alex is busy and doing great, selling real estate at Century 21, I have a great contingent of loyal clients for my massage business and I have garnered some great local support for Chetco Brewing Company, so we are full steam ahead.

Brewmaster Michael Frederick

Cider Riot! - Portland, OR

Everybody Pogo - Hoppy Cider - 6.7% ABV
A refreshingly dry cider that's got hops.
Our roughcut tribute to football terraces and punk rock shows, Everybody Pogo is perfect for when you are sweat soaked and smiling, after a show, a match, a hike, or a just long day at work. Dry and quenching with a hint of sweet apple flavor, as organically grown Goldings hops do the pogo dance across your taste buds. A distinctly Oregonian product, Unfiltered and lightly carbonated Everybody Pogo mates Hood River apples and Willamette Valley hops.

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East Side, Porltand, OR

Cider Riot! Our Story

Early Years

From a high-school job planting traditional cider trees such as Yarlington Mill, Kingston Black, and Dabinett at the Slow Food recognized White Oak Cider in rural Yamhill County, to student days drinking cider from plastic 2-litres on the streets of Cork City, Ireland, cider has fascinated me from an early age. I've been making cider for over half my life.

We pressed juice from Gravensteins on the farm when I was kid in the wilds of northern Yamhill County. As it started to ferment in the fridge, I always enjoyed the prickle of carbonation and the winey notes. My first batch of fermented cider, was based on a recipe in Profane Existence zine, made from apples smuggled out of my college-dining hall in my flight jacket a dozen at a time, then macerated with a cheese grater from the local hardware store and pressed between two dinner plates. I fermented it in my Macalester College dorm-room closet, in a carboy borrowed from a homebrewer across the hall. After a month I began drinking it, at times straight from the 5-gallon carboy. How it taste? Well, let's just say every batch since has been better, and the next thing I made was a stout.

Cider picking - Jeffrey OttDrinking cider in Ireland was inspirational, and in my senior of college, back in the states a friend and I salvaged materials from a closing restaurant and built a massive cider press for our homebrew club. We sought out the most acidic apples Minnesota had to offer and made some pretty drinkable stuff.

Every year since then I've gathered together a band of friends and headed to the family farm in Yamhill to pick our wild apples (high in acids) and use the old handcranked cider mill. Combined with traditional cider apples from White Oak, we make some pretty world-class cider. Our ciders have received the acclaim of not only friends and family, but of commercial cidermakers as well.

A Career in Beer

I've converted the passion for beer I acquired growing up in Oregon during the micro-brew boom of the 1980s and 1990's into a career in beer. Since my college homebrewing days I've become a National ranked Beer Judge Certification Program beer judge, and have judged at competitions from the American Homebrewers Association Nationals, the British Columbia Beer Awards, and the Heart of Cascadia competition, to the Great American Beer Festival in Denver, and the Mondial de la Biere in Montreal. I've visited and written about breweries all across the US and Canada, Ireland, and Germany. My work appears regularly in Northwest Brewing News, Ale Street News, Oregon Beer Growler, and American Brewer. I've organized beer festivals, from the North American Organic Brewers Festival, which I helped grow from a single day with 1500 attendees to a regular fixture in the Portland beer festival calendar, with three days and 20,000 attendees. I help the Oregon Brewers Guild put on the Cheers to Belgian Beers event, Brewers Dinner, and Fresh Hop Tastival. Putting my day-job skills as a carpenter and deconstructionist to work, I've built bars for Gigantic Brewing Company, and Breakside Brewery. I've teamed up with breweries such as Hopworks Urban Brewery, Lompoc, and Widmer Brothers to brew my recipes on a commercial scale. (My Green and Gold Kölsch, which recently took silver at the North American Beer Awards, is brewed by Widmer Brothers and may be found on tap and in 22-ounce bottles throughout the Portland area).

The Impetus for Cider Riot!

So why cider? As passionate as I am about beer and brewing, there is something magical about cider. Picking bittersweet apples in Alan Foster's orchard at White Oak Cider on a clear autumn day. Traipsing through the wet woods of my family land in Yamhill to seek out wild seedling apples. These experiences ground me to the land. Cider challenges me, it inspires me, and there's nothing quite like the dry tannic flavor of a well made cider.

Raise a glass of Cider Riot! cider and I think you'll agree. Cheers! Abram Goldman-Armstrong: Cidermaker and Owner

Columbia County Brewing - Saint Helens, OR

Westy Wheat - Wheat - 4.2% ABV - 12 IBUs
Westy Wheat is an American wheat beer with a German aroma of fresh bread with a clean crisp finish...Taste the weekend everyday! Westy Wheat

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(503) 896-7776
164 South 15th, Saint Helens, OR 97051

A Micro Brewery

Dirty Hands Brewing - Vancouver, WA

320 Mule - Wheat - 4.7% ABV - 16.6 IBU
In days gone by, it took 320 mule teams to haul wheat wagons in the Palouse. We honor this tradition through our wheat beer, which features clove and banana notes.
Captain Swing - ESB - 5.9% ABV - 26.9 IBU
An extra special bitter, Captain Swing is our version of this classic English style. Maris Otter Extra Pale and Victory malts and Fuggle and Goldings hops are used in this brew. Captain Swing is an easy-drinking beer with a subtle fruit and malt nose, finishing with a pleasant bitterness.

Meet-the-Brewer on Saturday 8pm

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(360) 258-0413
114 E Evergreen Blvd, Vancouver, WA 98660

Beer Promotes Confidence.

Feckin' Irish Brewing Co - Oregon City, OR

Dublin Pale - Pale Ale - 5.8% ABV - 44 IBU
Superb pale ale loaded with over 10lb of whole centennial hops in the fermenter.
IRA - Irish Red Ale - 6% ABV - 50 IBU
This Irish ale has a serious NW twist. Generous portion of hops from the Northwest are packed in this brew. Pale malt and Irish premium malt make the color a very nice copper red. This is an easy drinking red ale that is full of flavor and hopped over weeks during the fermentation process.

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(503) 880-5608
415 S McLaughlin Blvd, Oregon City, OR 97045

Feckin Brewery is the Brainchild of Mark and Dave Maher. Both have home brewed for a number of years. Dave made his 1st fermentation attempt in Dublin where he made wine that was always drank before it ever reached full fermentation.

Feckin Ales are Inspired By Feckers everywhere who want great Irish Ales with NW Hops and influences. Thanks for checking us out there will be much more to come...


Feckin Family

Fire Cirkl - White City, OR

Naughty Heather - Braggot - 11.0% ABV - 23 IBU (est.)
The original gravity is lower than Dragon's Blood but still high. It is fermented with an ale yeast strain with a high alcohol tolerance. This gives it a drier finish than Dragon's Blood, though still distinctly a mead. The grain bill is that of a red ale. It is brewed without hops, but with a generous amount of heather tips and flowers. Heather meads and ales have been brewed in the area now known as Scotland for four to eight thousand years.

Meet-the-Brewer on Friday 5pm

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(541) 646-8871
16110 Jones Road, White City, OR 97503

Fire Cirkl produces unique products, resurrecting brewing traditions from antiquity, around the world, one recipe at a time. All of our recipes have a story and cultural history behind the ingredients they contain. All of our recipes are our own creations. We are among those pioneering the use of herbs other than hops. Unlike hops, there are no published numbers to reference for hitting one's targets. One must invent, experiment, and draw on one's gut and experience. Our recipes are not a result of archeological finds, for example, but rather created from research done on the brewing habits of a particular culture and era. We research a colorful culture and their brewing habits, then create a recipe that captures the essence of that culture, adapting it to appeal to the modern palate. Hence our tagline, "Olde recipes with a modern twist."

We are passionate about history - particularly ancient history and cultures - and seek to pass this passion on to consumers. Most people do not realize that the use of hops in brewing is a relatively recent development. Their first recorded use was around the year 1000 AD, and they did not become the herb of choice until around the time of the Protestant Reformation. The German Beer Purity law so often referenced in brewing is perhaps the world's first major drug law. Our ancestors brewed with many different herbs and combinations of herbs called Gruits (Gruts) that were believed to be inebriating and/or medicinal. Those who were allowed to sell these herbs had to be licensed by the Catholic Church. Much of the transition to hops is due to efforts to break the stranglehold the Catholic Church had on the brewing industry.

Fire Cirkl is the only USDA Certified Organic brewer in the Rogue Valley. This is a very substantial drain on our profit potential and greatly increases our workload. We practice organic processing because we believe in it, not because there is any money in it. Our research indicates that 10 percent of local consumers are willing to pay a modest amount more for an organic product over a non-organic product, and that amount does not come close to covering the added expense of producing these products. We practice sustainability because we believe that non-organic ingredients, cleaners and pesticide residues have a long-term detrimental effect on our health, our immune systems, and the other life forms with which we share this planet.

We are also one of the few commercial producers of braggots. A braggot is a style of mead - fermented honey. Mead is believed to be the oldest fermented beverage known to man, and was the favored drink of the elite in Medieval Europe. There is evidence of it being purposefully created as far back as 8,000 years ago. Over time, population pressure made honey scarcer and more expensive, and mead was supplanted in popularity by more available and less expensive forms of fermentable sugar. It remained treasured in most of the world up until the early 20th century, and is still popular in Eastern Europe. It is in resurgence in the west, though we still find that the overwhelming majority of people we encounter at tastings have never heard of mead, much less braggot.

Perhaps the best way to summarize what Fire Cirkl is about is the following paragraph. It contains our mission statement and appears on all of our labels.

"The mission and values of Fire Cirkl are represented in out logo - similar to the Zia - with four commitments that steer the company; body, mind, spirit, and planet. More than simply brewing for profit, we have tasked ourselves with a higher responsibility of doing our part to improve the human experience. We use organic ingredients. We practice environmentally sound, sustainable production processes. We seek to increase awareness and appreciation of our natural world and its history. We provide a trip back in time and brief insight to the history and culture behind the recipe in your hand. All of our products contain herbs that were highly valued by the cultures that used them. Find out more about our company, products, philosophy and information that we think will enhance other areas of your life at"

We look forward to speaking with you!

Humble Brewing - Portland, OR

Gonzilla! - Double IPA (IIPA) - 8.2% ABV - 99 IBU
A double IPA loaded with Columbus, Cascade, and Centennial hops atop a simple grist of 2-row and crystal malts.

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(503) 753-5975
7419 N Hurst Ave, Portland, OR 97203

Humble Brewing was a hobby turned obsession for Scott Davis and Chad Freitag. The name is suggestive of both their humble beginnings (and current home) in a detached garage in North Portland and their focus on creating tasty beers that surprise you with their simplicity. Beers that they hope people LOVE to drink, brewed in small batches. Though they've been making beer for the bars and restaurants of Portland since 2011, this will be Humble's first visit to the Nano Beer Fest.

Krauski's Brewskis - Gresham, OR

Off-Piste - IPA - 12% ABV

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(503) 328-8474
328 N Main Ave., Gresham, OR 97030

Established in 2010, The Hoppy Brewer is home to Krauski's Brewskis, Gresham's smallest brewery, making Gresham's biggest beers!!

Mazama Brewing - Corvallis, OR

Rasplendent - Raspberry & Hibiscus Wit - 5% ABV - 13 IBU
This deep ruby beer melds with raspberry, orange zest, and spice while hibiscus accentuates the delicate flavors derived from the Wit yeast and adds and assertive sour finish. Rasplendent is a refreshingly tart, yet complex beer.

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(541) 230-1810
33939 SE Eastgate Circle, Corvallis, OR 97333

Mazama Brewing is a packaging brewery in Corvallis Oregon own and operated by Jeff and Kathy Tobin. They started home brewing in 1984 and knew they had found a passion in their new hobby. Their brewing pursuits included making beer styles that were once very difficult to find in the United States. This finally led to a long delay trip the Belgium in 2011, which provided the inspiration to start Mazama brewing.

After spending nearly 30 years as an electrical engineer, Jeff left the high-tech world to pursue brewing full-time in 2013. He has found that his project management, engineering and science background serves him well as head brewer at Mazama.

Kathy as recently retired as an executive leading a high-tech printing and computing business unit. Her years of experience have helped create a solid foundation for Mazama Brewing's success.

Red Ox Brewing - Tigard, OR

Sunporch - Pale Ale - 5.2% ABV
Citra hops, orange peel and white wheat come together in this quintessential summer ale. Smooth and refreshing with enough hop flavor to keep it interesting.

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(503) 310-8033
9795 S.W. Murdock St., Tigard, OR 97224

55 gallon drums and pallet racking, those are the building blocks of the Red Ox frontier-style brewery. Our 1.5 barrel system is a product of shrewd bartering, trial and error and talented friends.

Its beauty is in its simplicity.

Our beer is best described by what it's not. It's not some over-hyped experience billed as the next great trend. Simply put, we brew high quality beer that's made for drinking.

Salem Ale Works - Salem, OR

Hootenanny Honey Basil - Spiced Blonde Ale - 4.2% ABV - 19 IBU
An ale as fun to drink as its name is to say! Pale blonde in color, this very light beer is topped with a pure white head of foam.
Only lightly hopped, the fresh basil takes over the aroma yet remains balanced and not over powering in the taste. Honey lends a touch of sweetness, with the finish being dry and crisp. A great summer session beer, perfect for those hot days!

Meet-the-Brewer on Sunday 12pm

more info --->

Salem Ale Works was founded by two college friends and former wildland firefighters; Justin Ego and Jake Bonham. Their shared experiences and love of great craft beer gave rise to the formation of a nano-brewery in 2013; through which they plan to bring well-crafted and enjoyable beers to the Salem community and beyond.

At SAW we honor the rich history of Salem, striving to have fun while passionately writing the latest chapter in our capital's brewing legacy. Our beers are hand crafted in small batches using as many fresh, local ingredients as possible. We brew beer for you, our neighbors and friends; continually working at "Putting the Ale in Salem".

Twisted Snout Brewery - Toledo, OR

Honey Oatmeal Porker - Porter - 6.9% ABV
A smooth, roasted chocolaty porter made with whole grain oats and wildflower honey from Queen Bee Apiaries in Corvallis

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(541) 336-1833
318 S. Main St., Toledo, OR 97391

Stu and Becky Miller and their sons Rob and Fulton own Twisted Snout Brewery and Public House, located at the end of Main Street in Toledo, Oregon. Our goal is to serve a wide variety of excellent hand-crafted ales, each with its own unique character. Stu and his son, Rob, are our brew masters and together bring more than 30 years of brewing experience to our tasty line-up that includes Wilbur's White Wheat, Oops!, Gateway Golden, Twisted Snout IPA, Red-Headed Step Hog, and Honey Oatmeal Porker, as well as a steady stream of seasonal ales. All our ales are made right on site, and if we're not too busy brewing or cooking or serving our customers, you can even get a personal tour.

Twisted Snout is located adjacent to Pig Feathers BBQ, which Fodor's Pacific Northwest travel guide recently called "the best barbecue restaurant in the Pacific Northwest." Pig Feathers' food is available in the pub, and Twisted Snout's ales can be ordered from the restaurant. We are cribbage fans, so we have several boards and card decks available for you to use. We also have Twister! Some come get twisted - responsibly.

We welcome you to come have a great time with us and hope you love Twisted Snout as much as we do!

Two Kilts Brewing - Sherwood, OR

Crystal Kush - Session Lager - 5.2% ABV - 55 IBU
A delicious beer with a clean malt bill, that allows the hop character to shine. Careful malt selection creates great mouth feel and the use of only one hop variety right down to the dry hop addition make for a great summer beer experience with dank crystal bitterness and aroma. Enjoy this instant hit!

Meet-the-Brewer on Saturday 4pm

more info --->

(503) 625-1700
14841 SW Tualatin Sherwood Road, Suite 501, Sherwood, OR 97140

Two Kilts Brewing Co. opened in the spring of 2011 with a mix of repurposed stainless steel tanks coming together to make a not so pretty 6 barrel brewery. With limited funds to get started it would have to do, and do it did and very well at that. Brewers and owners Chris Dillon, and Alex Mcgaw agreed on a business theory that to this day has been a perfect approach for them. They said "We aren't going to worry about anything but the beer. If we take good care of it, it will take care of us." Three fast years later, they have done that and accomplished a lot. They now have a custom built 15 barrel brewery and not one bit of it is used. In fact, all the equipment the brewery has was new when purchased. This rapid growth was made possible by careful, skilled decision making, endless hours of working day jobs in the early days followed by working the brewery and tasting room by night. These sacrifices as well as the decision not to pay themselves for the first 2 years allowed them to pour all of their profits back into improving their brewery, always pushing to get to the next level. Two Kilts Brewing Co. is now distributed across the state of Oregon with plans to eventually be in the Washington State, California, and Western Idaho marketplace. Looking back at what they have done there is no reason they won't achieve these goals as well, through a rock solid marketing plan coupled with a professional and motivated team of distributors.

Chris and Alex both have a substantial background in beer and both are extremely passionate about their craft. They share the same passion for family and tell us their customers are not just friends, and that coming from Irish roots, (Chris) and Scottish roots (Alex) they feel that their customers are family too. This is one of the many reasons the pub feels like home to so many.

The brewery features 12 beers throughout the year comprised of 7 full time beers as well as rotating seasonals to make up the other 5. Seasonals vary all year long, but be sure to keep an eye on this website for real time beer selections and new release announcements. They are constantly thinking beer and often come up with innovative one off beers for festivals and events too. Samples and taster flights are always available so make sure you come in with some time on your hands because your taste buds will be busy for a while.

If you haven't been to Two Kilts Brewing Co. please look us up and come in soon. We would be thrilled to have you.

Vagabond Brewing - Salem, OR

Into the Wild - IPA - 6.0% ABV - 60 IBU
A light bodied IPA with strong citrusy and floral aromas. Wild Ride has little lingering bitterness which makes it an IPA that everyone can enjoy.
Wayfaring Raspberry - Wheat - 4.6% ABV - 30 IBU
This beer is a continuation in our Wayfaring series of wheat beers. This time, we took our Wayfaring Wheat recipe and added raspberries that were picked here in the Willamette Valley. This is a refreshing summer wheat beer that has a delicious raspberry flavor.

Meet-the-Brewer on Sunday 4pm

more info --->

(503) 512-9007
2195 Hyacinth St NE, Salem, OR 97301

We're a group of four combat veterans who traveled the world after our military service. Between deployments and our travels, we felt like no one place was our home, we felt like vagabonds. We also found that in every place we explored, the one thing people of different cultures had in common was a love for beer, which we too had a love for. We decided to combine our passion for beer with our love of travel and adventure and share it with Oregon and the world. Vagabond Brewing opened up February 2014 in Salem, OR.

West Highland Brewing Company - Vancouver, WA

Mango Moon Ale - Fruit Pale Ale - 5% ABV - 21 IBU
Our award winning seasonal Mango ale is a light bodied pale ale with just the right amount of Mango flavor. Our secret recipe includes a hint of spice in this fruit beer, making it pleasant on the palate and highly drinkable.

Meet-the-Brewer on Saturday 2pm

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NE 22nd Way, Vancouver, WA 98684

West Highland Brewing is founded by brewers Don Stewart and Sam Simms. Brewing one barrel at a time, their brewery is named to combine their love for West Highland White Terriers with their passion for brewing.

The WHB Difference

With over 25 years of combined brewing experience, Sam and Don set out to produce high quality beer that is consistent in flavor for a refreshing drinking experience. They soon found that many people preferred beer that is lower in bitterness than many wildly hopped local brews. Consequently, their beers are more mildly hopped than many Northwest craft beers. Moderate alcohol content and lower carbonation provide a more pleasant gastric experience. This means you can expect great craft beer flavor that can be enjoyed again and again with your friends.

Wingman Brewers - Tacoma, WA

P-51 Coconut Porter - Porter - 8% ABV - 31 IBU
A tropical twist on P-51 Porter. The same great P-51 taste with the added element of toasted coconut aroma and flavor.

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509 1/2 Puyallup Ave, Tacoma, WA 98421

In its simplest form, beer is made from four things: water, barley, hops and yeast. These four ingredients can produce flavors ranging from the boldness of chocolate and coffee to the bite of grapefruit or the smooth sweetness of a banana.

While we occasionally add other ingredients to our beer, we do so while striving to create rich flavors capable of subtle nuance to entice the aficionado without straying from the straightforward, blue collar roots our beers share with the rest of Tacoma.

We like to experiment and you will almost always find a unique brew available only at our taproom, but we also do our best to make sure you can find your favorites in a can, bottle, or even on draft at your local watering hole.

Wolf Tree Brewery - Seal Rock, OR

Spruce Tip Ale - American Brown Ale - 6.5% ABV, 20 IBUs
Spruce Tip Ale is a unfiltered American Brown Ale brewed with citra hops and spruce tips from Sitka Spruce trees. The spruce tips have a sweet citrus flavor that pairs well with the "maltiness" of the brown ale. It is a great summertime ale!

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(541) 961-2030
199 N. Wolkau Rd, Seal Rock, OR 97376

A small nano brewery on the Oregon Coast.

  • Nano Beer Fest
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