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2016 Nano Beer Fest

The 2016 Nano Beer Fest was held April 9-10 at John's Marketplace in SW Portland. Hours: Saturday Noon-8pm, Sunday Noon-6pm. The 2016 Nano Beer Fest will feature over 50 beers, ciders, braggot and meads from locally sourced Northwest Nano Breweries. John's Marketplace, 3535 SW Multnomah Blvd, Portland, OR 97219.

With a special preview night at The Commons: Friday, April 8th 5-10pm
and featured 6 Nano Taps from participating breweries!

Participating 2016 Nano Brewers:

Ridgewalker Brewing - Forest Grove, OR

Longstride - IPA ~ 6.7 ABV - 70 IBUs
Citrusy, floral, and resinous with plenty of NW hops.

Treewise - IIPA ~ 8.5 ABV - 102 IBUs
Malty, darker than most Imperial IPA's, but with plenty of bitterness and hop slam to balance it out.

Storm - Brown Ale ~ 5.5 ABV - 28 IBUs
Toasted notes with caramel undertones. Smooth and creamy mouthfeel.

Meet-the-Brewer on Saturday 4pm-6pm

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Beaverton, OR 97007

Ridgewalker Brewing is dedicated to the precipice, to the ridge, to the challenge. We strive to make great beer for the great people of the Northwest, who are so inspired and motivated by the natural world.

The Hoppy Brewer / Krauskis Brewskis - Gresham, OR

Off Piste IPA - IIPA ~ 14% ABV - 110 IBUs
The name is French for Out Of Bounds. We wanted to push the limits on how big a beer could be brewed on our system and be able.

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328 N Main Ave., Gresham, OR 97030

Established in 2010, The Hoppy Brewer started as a homebrew supply shop and from there, it has grown into a bottle shop, tap-room and now, brewery. If you're ever in Gresham, stop by for a pint, say hi and become, if you are not already, a Hoppy Brewer....

Leikam Brewing - Portland, OR

Grateful Red - Red Ale ~ 7.1% - 70 IBUs
One of our flagship beers featuring 5 different malts and 4 different hops.

Across the Universe - IPA ~ 6.6% - 65 IBUs
A one-off brew featuring Cascade, Amarillo and Galaxy hops.

Meet-the-Brewer on Sunday 12pm-2pm

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No tasting room.

Leikam Brewing is Portland's first Community Supported Brewery (CSB). CSB memberships offer growler fills and access to batches not available to the public. In addition, every beer from Leikam Brewing is certified kosher. Great beers, you can't help but Leikam.

The Ale Apothecary - Bend, OR

Sahatie - Mixed Fermentation Ale ~ 9-10% ABV
SAHATIE is the flagship brand of The Ale Apothecary, brewed year-round of malted barley & wheat and Goschie Farms Cascade Hops. Hop bitterness and acid produced by our house lactobacillus culture provide the balance to the malt and oak structure of the beer. She spends over 1 year in our oak barrels during a long, relaxed fermentation prior to a month-long dry-hopping (yes, in oak barrels!). ?Our sensory experience is a tropical & citrus fruit nose of apricots, pineapple, and orange produced from yeast esters and hop oils. The palate is tart and pithy, combining earthy and herbal undertones that evolve as the beer warms & opens up within your glass.

La Tache - Mixed Fermentation Ale ~ 7-8% ABV
The Beer Formerly Known as LA TACHE is the table sour produced year-round by The Ale Apothecary. (TBFKA) LA TACHE is made of malted barley & wheat and Goschie Farms Cascade Hops. The hops are used only for aroma as the balance of the beer comes from acid produced by our house lactobacillus culture. She spends up to one year in our barrels during a long, relaxed fermentation prior to a month-long dry-hopping (yes, in oak barrels!). Our sensory experience is lemon citrus & fermented orchard fruit nose over earthy undertones. The palate finishes with soft lactic acid balanced by the malt body.

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Cider Riot! - Portland, OR

Everybody Pogo - Hoppy Cider ~ 6.7% ABV
A refreshingly dry cider that's got hops, Everybody Pogo mates Hood River and Yakima grown apples and organic Willamette Valley Goldings hops.

Never Give An Inch - Oregon Blackberry Cider ~ 6.9% ABV
Blackberry bushes riot across the fencerows of Cascadia. Never Give an Inch, a dry blackberry cider celebrates the tenacity of life in the elements.

Meet-the-Brewer on Saturday 12pm-2pm

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807 NE Couch Street Portland, OR 97232

Cider Riot! is dedicated to producing flavorful, refreshing, dry ciders from Cascandian grown apples. Owner Abram Goldman-Armstrong launched Cider Riot! in his garage just off of East Burnside nearly 3 years ago. He and his team are excited to have recently announced that they are expanding into a new production facility and will be opening a tasting room. Come join them for a pint soon, cheers!

Humble Brewing - Portland, OR

Meccanized - Saison ~ 7.1% ABV - 23 IBUs
Brewed with 100% Mecca Grade Estate "Pelton" malt. Lightly hopped with Cascade and Saaz, fermented with Imperial Organic "Napoleon" strain. Notes of table-water cracker, banana bread, popped corn, with a peppery citrus finish.

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7419 N Hurst Ave, Portland, OR 97203

Humble Brewing was a hobby turned obsession for Scott Davis and Chad Freitag. The name is suggestive of both their humble beginnings (and current home) in a detached garage in North Portland and their focus on creating tasty beers that surprise you with their simplicity. Beers that they hope people LOVE to drink, brewed in small batches. Though they've been making beer for the bars and restaurants of Portland since 2011, this will be Humble's second visit to the Nano Beer Fest.

Hop Haus Brewing - Gresham, OR

Cocos Nucifera - Porter ~ 5.5% ABV - 34 IBUs
A robust porter with a rich chocolate, crystal malt backbone and creamy mocha head. Earthy hop balance and toasted organic coconut adds a subtle flavor that doesn't overpower and finishes slightly sweet but not a dessert beer either.

Route 66 NW Red Ale - Red Ale ~ 6.3% ABV - 48 IBUs
A slightly malty, somewhat sweet finish with good hop flavor and subtle bitterness. This is a lighter version of the style with the signature red hue provided by the melanoidin malt. It’s balanced and drinkable for all food pairings and occasions.

Shangri-La - Lemongrass Ginger Root Pale Ale ~ 5.3% ABV - 36 IBUs
Fresh lemongrass and ginger root give this spring pale ale a nice kick that will keep you licking your lips and yearning for more!

Meet-the-Brewer on Sunday 2pm-4pm

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No tasting room - appointment only.

Hop Haus Brewing is a local nano brewery located in Gresham Oregon creating small batch quality standard beer styles and exploring specialty beers which incorporate various additions including fruits, spices, and other fun ingredients.

West Highland Brewing Company - Vancouver, WA

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NE 22nd Way, Vancouver, WA 98684

With over 25 years of combined brewing experience, Sam and Don set out to produce high quality beer that is consistent in flavor for a refreshing drinking experience. They soon found that many people preferred beer that is lower in bitterness than many wildly hopped local brews. Consequently, their beers are more mildly hopped than many Northwest craft beers. Moderate alcohol content and lower carbonation provide a more pleasant gastric experience. This means you can expect great craft beer flavor that can be enjoyed again and again with your friends.

Ethereal Meads - Battle Ground, WA

Happy Troll - Melomel ~ 6% ABV
A blackberry-raspberry session mead (melomel) from Willamette Valley blackberry flower honey, regional blackberries and raspberries, and finished with Willamette Valley meadowfoam honey.

Happy Bear - Apple Metheglyn Mead ~ 6.75% ABV
A spiced apple session mead (apple metheglyn) from Willamette Valley blackberry flower honey, Yakima Valley apple juice, and select spices.

Meet-the-Brewer on Sunday 4pm-6pm

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18109 NE 72nd Avenue, Battle Ground WA 98604

Ethereal Meads is deeply rooted in the honeys and fruits of the Pacific Northwest. "Ethereal" is our best word to describe the mood of a misty, mossy old-growth forest near our home. It is here we find the inspiration for our interpretations of the fantastic beverage that is mead! Each of our meads is named for a forest mood or creature. Our meadmaster, Gary Gross, found that over many years, practically every time he served his mead, someone would say "you should sell this!" After taking a gold medal on his first try at the largest mead competition in the world, he decided to abandon any thought of doing anything but pursuing his passion; to make great mead and to promote mead as a wonderful beverage that deserves to be much more well-known. A chemical engineer and lifelong singer, he sees mead making as the perfect marriage of science and art. "Making mead professionally is crazy fun," he says.

Wolf Tree Brewery - Seal Rock, OR

Chocolate Spruce Tip Stout - Chocolate Stout ~ 5.5% ABV
A unfiltered dark chocolate stout brewed with Sitka Spruce tips harvested at the brewery. This is a rich, chocolaty, bitter stout that is balanced well with the sweetness of the spruce tips.

Camille's Golden IPA - Golden Ale ~ 6% ABV - 80 IBUs
A blend of the Pacific Northwest's most intriguing aroma hop varieties are used in this golden Ale. Very complex hop flavors and a smooth, clean finish.

Meet-the-Brewer on Saturday 6pm-8pm

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199 N. Wolkau Rd, Seal Rock, OR 97376

Wolf Tree Brewery is located along Beaver Creek, on a working cattle ranch in Seal Rock, Oregon. The brewery produces beer made from the finest ingredients, including natural spring water from the coastal forests on the ranch and hops grown on the property. The flagship beer, Spruce Tip Ale is made by using spruce tips harvested from Sitka Spruce trees located on the property. The name "Wolf Tree" is also associated with our Spruce Tip Ale. A wolf tree is a forestry term used to describe the biggest tree in the forest, and Sitka Spruce trees are generally the largest trees along this stretch of the coast range. Our mission is to craft unique and distinctive beers that encompass the ranch and surrounding coastal forests.

Vagabond Brewing - Salem, OR

Attack Owl - IPA ~ 7.5% ABV - 80 IBUs - 7 SRM
This IPA features a partnership between two unique hop varieties. The Centennial and Mosaic hops show notes of floral, citrus and tropical fruits. The Dry hop Showcases Mosaic and Equinox.

Blood Orange Pale - Pale Ale ~ 5.5% ABV - 30 IBUs
Hopped with Cascade and Amarillo then paired with Blood Orange this beer is light and refreshing yet very well balanced.

Meet-the-Brewer on Saturday 12pm-2pm

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2195 Hyacinth St NE, Salem, OR 97301

Founded by three longtime friends and Marine Corps combat veterans, Vagabond is as much about beer as it is about love and family. After serving our country the better part of a decade during a time of war, we set out to find ourselves and our path. That journey tooks us to all corners of the globe. From Central to South America, from Europe to Southeast Asia and beyond. We went looking for meaning and purpose and found love, adventure, and the essence of the human experience. We also found BEER.

Shattered Oak Brewing - Oregon City, OR

Dopple berry - Dopple-bock with fruit ~ 9.5% ABV
Pours a pale pink with a rocky white head. Aromas of sweet berries and floral honey burst from the glass. The fruit forward flavor is nicely offset by the dry finish of the fermented honey.

Kölsch - Kölsch ~ 5% ABV
Bready malt gives way to a floral character with just a hint of citrus. Light and crisp.

IPA - IPA ~ 6.5% ABV
Easy drinking malt forward IPA heavily hopp'd with Magnum, chinook, and centennial for a robust hop finish.

Meet-the-Brewer on Saturday 2pm-4pm

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No tasting room.

The biggest little brewery in Oregon City. Quality craft brews made locally.

Back Pedal Brewing - Portland, OR

Peloton - Peach Saison ~ 4.5% ABV - 58 IBUs
We added over a pound of peach per gallon to this classic saison recipe. Rustic aromas from the saison yeast complement the additions of peach, orange blossom honey, and lime zest.

BMX - Session IPA ~ 5.9% ABV - 25 IBUs
We packed this hop-forward low ABV beer with loads of Simcoe, Centennial, and Cascade hops for deep grapefruit, lemon, and pine aroma and flavor. The malt starts with the famed Maris Otter malt from England, with Vienna, Munich, and Honey malt to add some nuttiness, light sweetness, and creamy finish.

Meet-the-Brewer on Saturday 2pm-4pm

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(971) 400-5950
1425 NW Flanders St, Portland, OR 97209

Hey Portlanders, welcome to PDX's smallest nanobrewery! Come say hi, and try one of our new specially crafted brews.

Bent Shovel Brewing - Oregon City, OR

One Wagon - Pilsner ~ 4.7% ABV - 30 IBUs
Our take on a classic German Pilsner. Named for the rope operated ferry that spanned the Clackamas River in 1847. Ultra pale straw in color, this crisp and light lager is smooth with aromas of German hops and malt with just a touch of bitterness to balance the maltiness.

Springer - Pale Ale ~ 6% ABV - 45 IBUs
Pale smooth easy drinking beer featuring Amarillo hops. Nicely citrusy with hints of tropical fruit without the bitterness of an IPA.

Leafwalker - Red Ale ~ 7.5% ABV - 60 IBUs
Rich maltiness, deep amber colors and the aroma of orange peel and honeysuckle meet a big malt backbone. A big, red, delicious beer, not especially bitter.

Meet-the-Brewer on Saturday 4pm-6pm

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21678 S. Latourette Rd, Oregon City, OR, 97045

Bent Shovel Brewing proudly creates hand-crafted ales and lagers on our 10 barrel system along the Clackamas River in rural Oregon City. We love quality craft beer and enjoy the community that creating and sharing those beers with others brings. We use only the finest ingredients, sourcing locally whenever possible. We brew a wide range of beers styles including Northwest favorites like IPA, and hoppy red ales, session ales along with flavorful classics like our Belgian Strong Ale and Russian Imperial Stout.

Gateway Brewing - Portland, OR

Glendoveer Golden - Kölsch ~ 4.5% ABV - 25 IBUs
A Kölsch with northwest inspiration, is brewed with Saaz and Tettnang hops and 2 row and pilsner malts. The name gives a shout out to Glendoveer golf course and fitness trail in the heart of the Gateway District. First opened in 1923, Glendoveer also hosts community events throughout the year such as summer movie nights and holiday celebrations.

Mahogany Lager - Dark Lager ~ 4.5% ABV - 20 IBUs
Mahogany Lager brings new color to the lager spectrum. This smooth, dark lager is the US debut of Great Western Malting's Sacchra-50 malt. Sacchara's unique characteristics, produced by a steam injection prior to kilning, give Mahogany its rich, malty depth. Mahogany's malt bill is rounded out with Two Row and Chocolate malts and features Chinook and Cascade hops.

Meet-the-Brewer on Saturday 4pm-6pm

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114 NE 133rd Ave, Portland, OR 97230

Based in Portland and launched in 2015, Gateway Brewing invites you to come on over. Founder and head brewer Joel Sheley, brings more than 16 years of industry expertise in roles from brewing through bottling. Available in bars and restaurants around Portland, Gateway beers celebrate the session, relaxing with friends, winding down with coworkers or dining out any night of the week.

Pono Brewing - Portland, OR

Pineapple Express - Pineapple Kolsch ~ 6.2% ABV - 11.6 IBUs
A Pineapple Kolsch style beer named after one of Josh's favorite movies but it's wet and refreshing just like the weather it brings.

Kikiao - South Pacific Farmhouse ~ 5.2% ABV - 8.2 IBUs
South Pacific Farmhouse style beer made with notes of Passionfruit and Mango. An instant getaway in every glass!

Meet-the-Brewer on Saturday 6pm-8pm

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(503) 432-8400
No tasting room.

The Journey for Pono Brewing began back in 2011 when Larry missed working for a brewery and the freedom of expression that comes in the beer industry. He set out to grow a brewery from the ground up that used his past experience brewing for Pusch Ridge Brewing Company out of Tucson, AZ and his time spent traveling abroad in the Pacific Islands and SE Asia. Pono Brewing was born when he set out to use ingredients from the South Pacific to put interesting twists on craft beer styles. Larry met Josh at an event where both of them were pouring their beer. Larry had a beer called Okole Maluna which means “Bottoms Up” in Hawaiian that had Pineapple, Coconut and Taro Root in it and it tasted like a Pina Colada that was a beer. Josh was pouring his Pineapple Express recipe which is a pineapple Kolsch. When the two of them tried each other’s beers, they knew they had to partner together. Along the journey, Larry met Erick through a mutual friend that insisted they meet because they were very similar and would get along well. I guess their mutual friend was right because Erick quickly became part of the group making Pono Brewing a trio. The 3 Amigos decided that it was time to go pro when home brewing awards and awards from partnering with breweries came in. The journey has been 5 years in the making with the road full of bumps, pot holes, curves and bends but luckily there wasn’t any dead ends. Look for their beers coming to you in 2016! Follow their journey along the way.

Bunsen Brewer - Sandy, OR

Wozniak - Grapefruit Radler ~ 2.5% ABV - 9 IBUs

Meet-the-Brewer on Sunday 2pm-4pm

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16506 SE 362nd Dr, Sandy, OR 97055

Bunsenbrewer is a Fermenation Laboratory (aka brewery) in Sandy, OR

Dragon's Gate Brewery - Milton Freewater, OR

Morgan le Fey - Hibiscus Wit ~ 5.7% ABV - 18 IBUs
A Belgian Wit brewed with bitter orange, cracked coriander, dried Hibiscus flowers and Lemongrass.

Le Morte d'Arthur - Belgian Chocolate Stout ~ 6.9% ABV - 35 IBUs
A Chocolate Stout brewed with Belgian chocolate malts, organic cocoa nibs, and vanilla beans.

Meet-the-Brewer on Sunday 2pm-4pm

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52288 Sunquist Rd, Milton Freewater, OR 97862

Located on a 10-acre farm in the Walla Walla Valley, Dragon’s Gate focuses on producing small batch, Belgian style ale’s while utilizing estate grown hops. Dragon’s Gate uses only the finest ingredients and waters sourced from a deep natural spring beneath the brewery. Brewing up to 20 different ales that are distinctive, complex, and diversified at our farmhouse brewery, each batch takes several months to age, depending on style. Open most Saturday’s and by appointment.

Fire Cirkl - White City, OR

One-Eyed Ginger - Ginger Sour ~ 8% ABV - 19 IBUs
Hopless ginger ale brewed with a Saison grain bill, Belgian yeast, and ginger. Light body, but smooth rich malt character. Well-balanced ginger and sourness, without being too sour. Delightful, summer or winter.

Dragon's Blood - Braggot ~ 12.5% ABV - 47 IBUs
Deep, rich, dark braggot, real honey presence, roasted, chocolatey malt, caramelly sweet, but not cloying. Smooth alcohol.

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16110 Jones Road, White City, OR 97503

Fire Cirkl produces unique products, resurrecting brewing traditions from antiquity, around the world, one recipe at a time. All of our recipes have a story and cultural history behind the ingredients they contain. All of our recipes are our own creations. We are among those pioneering the use of herbs other than hops. Unlike hops, there are no published numbers to reference for hitting one's targets. One must invent, experiment, and draw on one's gut and experience. Our recipes are not a result of archeological finds, for example, but rather created from research done on the brewing habits of a particular culture and era. We research a colorful culture and their brewing habits, then create a recipe that captures the essence of that culture, adapting it to appeal to the modern palate. Hence our tagline, "Olde recipes with a modern twist."

Boring Brewing - Boring, OR

RyPA - Rye IPA ~ 6.5% ABV - 65 IBUs
10% Rye Malt lends a bit of spicy character to this well balanced take on an IPA. Hopped with Centennial and Cascade hops.

Hot Scotch - Scottish Ale with peppers ~ 8.0% ABV - 25 IBUs
A strong Scottish Ale with the addition of Scotch bonnnet peppers. Very malt forward followed by the mild heat of the peppers. One try and you will be hooked.

Meet-the-Brewer on Saturday 12pm-2pm

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13503 SE Richey Road, Boring, OR 97009

My journey to Boring Brewing started 24 years ago when I began my ventures in Homebrewing. I read everything related to brewing I could get my hands on. Some would say I was obsessed. I always wanted to open a brewpub or brewery but it was always a dream for me. The stars seemed to align this last year and it looked like it was possible to open a brewery in a accessory building on my property. After jumping through mounds of paperwork, I finally became licensed to brew beer on a commercial level. This is where I bring you Boring Brewing - a Nano Brewery that is focused on quality. Our beers spend the correct amount of time in the fermenter followed by a cold age in a bright beer tank where optimal carbonation and flavor is obtained prior to making it to your pint glass. Look for our beers at the best establishments.

The Labrewatory - Portland, OR

Tea Hugger (Oregon Brew Crew Collaboration) - American Wheat ~ 5.1% ABV - 18.7 IBUs
Dry-spiced Macha Green Tea from The Jasmine Pearls Tea Co. Medium body with earthy grassy green tea notes.

Disco Lemonade - Sour IPA ~ 6% ABV - 25 IBUs
Sorachi Ace hops are added to the pre-soured beer fermented with wild yeast to develop the tart lemon flavor. The acified wort and tropical fruit flavors combine to create a nice clear brew. Can you dig it?

Meet-the-Brewer on Sunday 4pm-6pm

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670 N. Russell St, Portland OR 97227

Labrewatory is a craft beer lover's destination. Our selection of beers is constantly changing, and entirely unique. At Labrewatory you will find cutting edge experimentations and new ideas from the best brewers in the World. We invite you to sample and enjoy the future with us!

Cooper Mountain Ale Works - Beaverton, OR

Stout Scout Stout - Stout ~ 6.3% ABV - 28 IBUs
This rich and roasty tasting stout will give a slight flavor of cocoa. Best enjoyed with your friends on a cold afternoon while trying to solve all the worlds problems.

Red Headed Step Child - Red Ale ~ 5.5% ABV - 26 IBUs
If you don't think you like beer, or have a friend who says they're not a fan, welcome to the gateway beer. This balanced Red ale is a symphony of what hops and malt can do when they work together instead of trying to overpower each other.

Meet-the-Brewer on Sunday 12pm-2pm

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No tasting room.

Cooper Mountain Ale Works was founded by a small group of tech nerds who extended their penchant for code and chemistry to brewing delicious beer. Add a wine nerd with an accounting problem and we’ve got a team dedicated to making sure our friends and coworkers in SW Portland are never found wanting for a drink. Our mission is to create the beers you didn't even know you loved.

Ambacht Brewing - Hillsboro, OR

Golden - Farmhouse Ale ~ 6.5% ABV - 17 IBUs
A deep golden, saison style ale with a wonderful aroma that provides a preview to the spice, fruit and honey flavors to come. Balanced and drinkable with mild carbonation and dry, yet slightly sweet finish from bottle conditioning with local blackberry honey, this ale goes great with everything from pretzels to plank grilled salmon.

Ginger - Farmhouse Ale ~ 6.5% ABV - 17 IBUs
Crisp, clean yet well rounded with a ginger punch that will leave you yearning for your next sip!

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1060 NE 25th Ave, Suite B, Hillsboro, OR 97124

Ambacht Ales are unique, even here in the Pacific Northwest where brewing is an art. Our handcrafted ales are Belgian inspired and influenced by the bounty of our region. Ambacht ales are made using local, organically grown ingredients. Our flavors are balanced, not too hoppy or sweet, brewed with Willamette Valley grown hops. Ambacht ales are mashed at a low temperature, giving them a refreshing dryness, and have a clean, toasty flavor from our organic malts. All of our ales are naturally carbonated by bottle conditioning with Pacific Northwest honey, which gives them a sweet finish. But perhaps the most important ingredient in our ales is time: it takes about three months from brew day until our ales are ready for you to enjoy!

Bushwhacker Cider - Portland, OR

Alice - Cider ~ 6.7% ABV
Alice is one of our most popular ciders, a single varietal made with Granny Smith apples and named after Cidermaker Jeff Smith's grandmother Alice. The Alice is created with Oregon grown Granny Smith apples, fermented to dryness and has no added juice, sugar, or flavorings. It is crisp and refreshing, with a tart Granny Smith apple flavor.

Forgotten Trail - Cider ~ 6.7% ABV
Our flagship cider, named after a trail that you may not have time to travel as much as you'd like. This is a blend of estate grown fruit, sourced from Eastern Oregon. It comes out as a semi-dry cider, appealing to fans of dry cider, yet has a bit of natural sweetness to please.

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1212-D SE Powell Blvd, Portland, OR 97202

Bushwhacker Cider is the Country’s Original Cider Pub & Portland’s first Cidery, established in 2010 by Jeff and Erin Smith. We started with a small bottle selection that included every cider available in Oregon and now have over 300 ciders in the bottle at our original SE Portland location. Our new restaurant located in NE Portland is the realization of our goal to bring ciders to the masses while allowing us to experiment with pairing Cider, Whiskey, and delicious food.

Bridge 99 Brewery - Bend, OR

Rock Crawler Red - Red Ale ~ 7.2% ABV - 42 IBUs
A classic American Amber Ale with a toffee-like malt base tempered by a roasty charachter and the spiciness of rye malt. The hops are full of earthy, resin-like flavors, but retstrained and balanced allowin the luscious malt body to shine.

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61123 Tapadera St, Bend, OR 97702

Bridge 99 Brewery is a small batch craft nano brewery that is soon to launch in Bend Oregon.

Red Ox Brewing - Tigard, OR

Sunporch - Pale Ale ~ 5.2% ABV
Our most popular brew. Light and crisp with citra hops and a touch of orange peel. Smooth enough for all drinkers with enough hop to keep things interesting.

more info --->

9795 S.W. Murdock St., Tigard, OR 97224

Red Ox is a production-only 1.5BBL brewery tucked inside a Tigard garage. With a focus on approachable, easy drinking ales, brewers Adam and Matt have been turning out tasty brews to share with friends, neighbors and local pubs since 2014.

Green Dragon Brew Crew - Portland, OR

Cascade SHIPA - NW IPA ~ 7.8% ABV - 85 IBUs
Clean, classic, single-hop Cascade IPA

What's Prohibition Lager - Lager ~ 6% ABV - 36 IBUs
What's Prohibition Lager features the traditional grainy huskiness and slight corn flavors of 6-row barley and flaked rice. American lager yeast was also used to produce clean, crisp and lightly fruity esters. This beer also has bitterness from Northern Brewer hops combined with spice and fruit aromas and flavors from Hallertau, Mt Hood, and Perle hop varieties all grown in the Pacific Northwest

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928 SE 9th Avenue in Portland, OR

The Green Dragon Brew Crew is a small team of volunteer brewers who create unique beers and often collaborate with local homebrewers and brewing clubs to bring their ideas to life and release a new, creative beer each and every week at the Green Dragon Bistro & Pub in SE Portland

Conversion Brewing - Lebanon, OR

Wee Heavy - Strong British Ale: Wee Heavy ~ 8.0% ABV
We brewed this in celebration of the Bard of Scotland, Robert Burns, on his birthday, January 25th...
O gude ale comes and gude ale goes;
Gude ale gars me sell my hose,
Sell my hose, and pawn my shoon-
Gude ale keeps my heart aboon!

Meet-the-Brewer on Saturday 2pm-4pm

more info --->

833 S. Main Street, Lebanon, OR 97355

Conversion Brewing Company hand crafts sodas, beer and wood fired pizza at 833 South Main Street in the heart of downtown Lebanon, Oregon. We' re committed to removing barriers that separate us by making a family friendly pub, welcoming to all. Our 3bbl brew system enables us to rotate styles frequently and we're always open to suggestions. Stop in. We're open M-Sa from 4pm. Sundays in the near future. Check out our website and Facebook page for updates.

Three Mugs Brewing - Hillsboro, OR

Brombeere Hefeweizen - Fruit Wheat Beer ~ 6% ABV - 14 IBUs
Traditional German-style Hefeweizen with a twist - real blackberries.

Mo' Honey Ale - Honey Beer ~ 6.9% ABV - 6.7 IBUs
Smooth, light, malty beer with the delicate flavor & aroma of orange blossom honey.

Meet-the-Brewer on Saturday 6pm-8pm

more info --->

2020 NW Aloclek Dr, Suite 108 Hillsboro, OR 97124

Three Mugs Brewing Company: Awesome beers, awesome friends! Family-owned & operated, we have fun brewing a wide range of beer styles & experimental brews…come join the party!

Columbia County Brewing - Saint Helens, OR

more info --->

170 South 15th, Saint Helens, OR

Coin Toss Brewing - Oregon City, OR

Heads Red - NW Red Session Ale ~ 4.9% ABV - 42 IBUs
A Northwest-style session red ale, brewed with Northwest Pale, Munich, Caramel, Victory and Black malts and hopped with Chinook, Centennial and Crystal.

Nine Eyes - IPA ~ 6.3% ABV - 65 IBUs
Our house IPA features a blend of five grains and generous amounts of Galena, Chinook and Cascade hops in the boil. Dry-hopped with Equinox and Crystal to make a traditional yet tropical beer. Named for the Pacific Lamprey which are indigenous to Oregon City's Willamette Falls and harvested each year as part of a Native American ritual.

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14214 Fir St Oregon City, OR 97045

Coin Toss Brewing Co was founded in historic Oregon City in March of 2015. We offer a variety of signature brews available by the pint, growler or keg. We are committed to crafting the finest beers in honor of Portland's illustrious history. The Coin Toss moniker is a nod to the fateful event that determined Portland's name. Although Asa Lovejoy may have lost the toss to Francis Pettygrove, we would like to reach through the years and tell him: Heads or Tails? It's Beer. You Win!

Brewed By Gnomes - Portland, OR

Gnome Pale Ale - Herbal Spiced Ale ~ 6.1% ABV - 30 IBUs
An herbal floral pale ale

Dark Flowers - Herbal Spiced Ale ~ 5.3% ABV - 19 IBUs
An herbal spiced Dark Belgian Schwartzbier

Meet-the-Brewer on Sunday 4pm-6pm

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No Tasting Room

After years of brewing dreams, a secret society of Cascadian brewing gnomes asked their ancestors for their coveted herbal formulas. What unfolded was a tradition of brewing which would change their lands forever. Inspired by ancient traditions, our gnomes are conjuring magical organic herbal ales for the people of Cascadia. Find us at your favorite restaurant or taproom.

About Our Event

  • Started back in 2008, the Nano Beer Fest began at Max's Fanno Creek where the owners were looking for a way to showcase the local small brewers who were coming on the scene. 8 years later it has grown to an annual event featuring 30+ beers, ciders and meads made by some of the most inventive and newest members of the local craft industry! Join us to celebrate (and meet) these rising stars - there will be 'Meet the Brewer' sessions both days, with many brewers participating.